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We are a freelance marketplace using AI to connect visionaries to no-code developers and speed up software development

We use AI to speed up product development while ensuring the highest quality standards

Our Model

How it works

Building your app with just one developer is a risky idea and may lead to a longer timeline, higher cost, lower quality and no documentation. Our model uses AI to build a custom specialised team instead, each focusing on building the portion of your project they have vetted experience in

Understand Developer Capabilities

Developers submit integrations (features they have built) which are then verified and approved. Once approved, our AI updates its knowledge of the developer's capabilities to help with matching

Understand Requirements

We engage with you to understand what you want to build. This data is then fed into our AI to help it understand your requirements and facilitate perfect matching with our talent base

Divide and Match with Talent

We divide the requirements into smaller components called Blocks. Each block is a feature or set of features that need to be built. We use AI to match each block to developers with vetted experience in that area.

Build complete product in days

Each hired developer works on their block while the lead developer ensures each block is fully integrated into the main build. This approach enables us to build complete products in days

The AI Approach

Our AI learns the skills of each developer based on their vetted past projects

This enables our AI to instantly identify the best developers to work on each Block. Once matched, you can chat, interview, and decide who to hire. The lead developer can become a long-term hire Every developers past experience falls under the following categories (with overlaps)

Functional Integrations

Features the developer has built into apps example messaging, notifications, payments etc.

Plugin Integrations

Bubble Plugins the developer has integrated into a Bubble app eg. Stripe Connect

API Integrations

APIs the developer has integrated into a Bubble app eg. Open AI API


3rd Party apps the developer has integrated (via API or Plugin or other method) eg. Mixpanel


Industries the developer has been involved in building apps for eg. Recruitment

Code Integrations

Integrations the developer has build into a Bubble app using custom code

It works like Magic!

Your personalized team, built by AI, collaborates in real-time

Each developer works on their block and provides its technical documentation. Developers with related blocks collaborate. The lead developer manages synergies across different blocks and maintains the structural consistency of the project, handle QA & testing and approves completed blocks.

How much?

Pay per Block

Our AI divides each project into logical blocks (Each block is a set of related features that need to be built). Every product will have a specific number of Standard and Complex Blocks depending on what needs to be built. Pricing is based on the type and number of blocks.

UI/UX Design


Designing the UI/UX on Figma
Includes both Mobile and Desktop UI/UX

Basic Blocks

/ Block

These Blocks do not have any advanced features such as complex logical operations, data structures. Up to 3 related standard features

Standard Blocks

/ Block

Similar to Basic Blocks (no advanced features) but contain more than 3 related standard features that need to be built

Complex Blocks

/ Block

These Blocks contain complex logic or data structures, may involve AI or integration with external platforms.

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