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November 6, 2023

The Future Is Here: How Devshired's AI Matches Projects with Top No-Code Talent

Discover Devshired's unique approach to no-code development: Our DIM framework breaks down complex projects into 'Blocks,' uses AI to match developers to each Block, and accelerates delivery without compromising quality.

When it comes to startups, speed is everything. We need to move from idea to a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), launch it, get feedback, iterate, make improvements, and reach product-market fit quickly so that we can start scaling.

But here’s the roadblock:Traditional development is slow and expensive. It’s also a gamble on quality.

Thinking about these problems led us to create a new approach at Devshired. We came up with the Devshired Integration Model (DIM). In this model, we break down each project into smaller components called ‘Blocks’. Each ‘Block’ is a specific feature or a set of features that need to be built. Instead of one developer building all the blocks, we use AI to match each Block to developers who have vetted experience in that area. This way, every part of the project from payments to security is built by an experienced developer in that field

Devshired Divides projects into Blocks

And the beauty of it? Quality is at the forefront. When a developer signs up on Devshired, they submit their Portfolio, including every plugin, api and feature they have built on each project.This is then verified by our team and approved. This verification is pivotal as it feeds our AI with data on each developer's experience and capabilities. With this intel, our AI matching algorithm kicks in. It's a win-win for both developers and clients.

Now, let's talk impact. Our model isn’t just a win for project timelines and quality; it’s a leap towards meaningful work. Developers now dive into projects that resonate with their skills, fueling their passion and honing their expertise. On the flip side, clients are now at the helm of projects built by a curated team of experts, bringing their vision to life faster and with precision. It's about bridging the gap between passion and profession, all while revolutionizing the no-code development sphere.

In a nutshell, Devshired is not just a marketplace; it’s a community where quality, efficiency, and meaningful work thrive. We're on a mission to redefine the no-code development landscape, one Block at a time. Whether you're a developer hungry for impactful projects or a startup in search of the right talent, Devshired is where your journey accelerates. Join us in building the future, block by block. Ready to get started? Visit to learn more. Developers, showcase your expertise. Clients, let’s turn your dreams into reality, together.

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